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Specializing in fine grading and seeding since 1995

Service's Offered

Fine Grading

  • Our primary fine grading equipment consists of 4', 6', 7' and 8' Harley Rakes mounted on rubber track machines and tractors. Our late model, well maintained equipment is proven to be some of the most productive and most reliable equipment used in fine grading operations today.



  • Our 5,200 gallon custom built hydro-seeders / hydro-mulchers mounted on a tractor trailer chassis and a 3,300 gallon hydro-seeder / hydro-mulcher mounted on a 6x6 chassis give us the ability to be extremely productive when doing either on road or off road seeding jobs. Our seeders have the ability to deliver product via a hose or tower gun for maximum productivity and efficiency. Equipped with mechanical agitation, we can be assured that all the components of the slurry are equally distributed resulting in uniform coverage of the seed.  



Straw Mulching
  • We use one of the largest straw mulchers manufactured. We have the capability to mulch large areas very efficiently. We also have a 6x6 vehicle which enables us to do off road straw mulching. Depending on the time of year the seeding is performed, straw mulching can be very beneficial. The straw will hold more moisture for longer periods of time resulting in quicker turf establishment. The straw will also protect the seed and seedlings from the hot sun.


 Installation of mulch blanket

  • There are some jobs which may require areas to have mulch blanket installed to help prevent erosion due to the amount of runoff during a rain event. Installing blanket when recommended will usually result in fewer problems associated with erosion. Although initially it may seem costly, it usually saves money in the long run.



  • When the conditions are not favorable for seeding, our trucks are available for watering. Depending on the water source and the type of watering needed, each truck has the ability to deliver 5,000 to 15,000 gallons per hour.